Starting a Business? Follow These 10 Do’s and Don’ts


My interior design business began when I used to style and assist clients. I would do fittings in my home, which I’d got in the habit of redecorating practicaly weekly, and my clients started to ask me to do their homes. The rest, as they say, is history. When I think about how long ago I set up shop—nearly 20 years ago—I think, “If I only knew then what I know now…” I thought I’d share the most important things that kept me grounded and focused as I launched my own business. I imagine these do’s and don’ts would apply to anyone who’s starting their own business. Take my lead below.




Clases de Inglés para Profesionales en Capital

Clases de Inglés para Profesionales en Capital

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Artículo en Inglés sobre Recursos Humanos: Guía para el Seleccionador

Artículo en Inglés sobre Recursos Humanos: Guía para el Seleccionador

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Do you really need to recruit?

When someone resigns, retires or leaves a post for some other reason, it´s a good opportunity to assess whether the vacancy still serves a purpose and ask yourself if you need to recruit a replacement or whether the work can be dealt with differently.


Reasons to recruit

Here are the most frequent reasons for recruitment

  1. More help and or expertise are needed in sales.
  2. More administrative support is needed to enable managers to spend more time on developing the business
  3. The workload has increased and people are being overstretched, so there is need to reorganize and bring in another person
  4. A new market is being targeted and someone with specific expertise and experience in that market is needed.


Alternatives to recruitment

Don´t assume that recruitment is the only option. Before taking any steps, review how you organize your business and yourself and ask the following questions:

  • Can systems be improved so that more effective use is made of staff time?
  • Can the team work more effectively within the existing system by identifying and concentrating on priorities?
  • Can outsourcing be a more cost-effective solution to taking on the fixed cost of a new member of staff?
  • Was the previous person fully occupied?
  • Is this an ideal chance to reorganize job roles?
  • Is it the right time to promote somebody into the vacant position?
  • Will anyone be needed in this post in the future, does it fit in with future plans
  • Could the job be split and allocated to present employees without overloading them?
  • Was the job the previous person doing really necessary?
  • Is it right to keep the tasks the previous employee was doing as one person´s job
  • Were you getting value for money out of someone doing that job?


Going ahead with recruitment

If, after a good look at the job, you decide you do need to recruit, even if the job has been redefined and the content has changed, the next stage is to define clearly what you are looking for by formulating a job description and a person specification.


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